About Us - Dutch Heritage Cosmetics

Welcome to Dutch Heritage Cosmetics, where tradition meets modern skincare. We're not your typical skincare company; we're a one-woman show led by our founder and creator, Bianca.

Our Story:

Our journey began in 2021 when we started experimenting with recipes right in our own kitchen. The quest for pure, natural skincare led us to pasture-raised animal fats and organic ingredients.

In 2023, we took a giant leap, moving into our dedicated studio space. This marked the beginning of our transformation from Stars R Us to Dutch Heritage Cosmetics.

Our Craft:

Everything we create is a labor of love. From soaps to skincare to healthy tinctures, Bianca personally handcrafts each product. She's not just the maker; she's also the creative mind behind all our product designs.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in harnessing the power of nature. Our animal-based skincare draws from time-honored traditions, combining them with modern knowledge to deliver products that nourish your skin in the most natural way possible.

Meet Our Founder:

Bianca is the heart and soul of Dutch Heritage Cosmetics. She's been living an animal-based lifestyle since 2019, and her dedication to this way of life fuels our commitment to bringing you the best in animal-based skincare.

From creating the products to designing the labels, building the website, and everything in between, Bianca does it all with passion and care.

From the pastures to your skincare routine, we're here to share our Dutch heritage with you. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 💚🌿